Friday, 6 November 2009

So, a bit about my life at the moment .............well I'm currently an overweight stay-at-home mum of two. My partner of almost 8 years is also a stay-at-home parent as he's waiting to have an op on his knee. I am quite a forth right person,I'm honest and I quite often over share.

I'm also totally fucked up and have been medicated on and off for over a decade. I'm currently nearing the end of a year long block of therapy for PND and have suspected post-traumatic-stress. I'm sharing this all now so I don't have to explain it again later.

J, my eldest is six years old and is a wonderfully bright and unique little boy who is currently being tested for ASD. He's having trouble at school and is an absolute handful (not naughty but definitely high maintenance) but thats ok because we love him dearly.
J came into this world a bit too soon (at 25 weeks gestation) weighing a tiny 850g, he was only given a 50/50 chance of survival and he remained in intensive care for 8 long weeks. We were allowed to bring him home when he was 18 weeks old but he still needed help with his breathing so he was hooked up to an oxygen machine for the next 15 months.It was a very difficult time for us and to be honest neither Terry or I have really got over the trauma of what happened.

L was a planned baby,we waited along time after having J as we were scared of going through it all again.It took us over a year of trying and two miscarriages before we finally conceived him. He was born happy and healthy at 37 weeks I on the other hand felt like I'd been a car crash.
I've been breastfeeding for nearly a year and I am missing alcohol dearly :)